The summer months are approaching.  They don’t call them the Dog Days of Summer for nothing!  Keeping your dog cool and chill, while the temperatures hit three-digits is important for your dog’s health and well-being.  Dogs can’t escape the fact that they wear a fur coat for every season.  Large breed dogs and long-haired dogs may be less active in the summer months.  Some dogs with the compressed snouts (bulldogs, pugs, etc) can experience trouble breathing during the hot time of the year.  What can you as a dog lover do to help your pup stay chill?

Get Cool

dog on mat

You know how your dog loves to lay on the cool kitchen floor as opposed to the shag carpet?  Cooling mats are just like that! Better yet, they can be put in any room of the house. Indoor and outdoor cooling beds are perfect to help keep your dog’s body temperature cool.  Self cooling pads are weight or pressure activated to keep Fido from overheating.  Here are some of the best cooling beds out there!

Hit The Road

dog in car

Nothing like the wind in their face and the flapping of their ears to invigorate and cool off your dog.  Many dogs love a good car ride.  It appeals to their sense of adventure, plus they are partnering with their favorite hoo-man.  Riding in a car allows a dog to explore new sites, sounds and smells.  For many dogs, it’s near impossible to keep them from hangin out the window to take in all the views.  The breeze feels amazing on their snouts and for smart dogs, they know the destination is usually a fun one.  Make sure your dog stays safe and you have the proper gear to keep them secured.  Here are 7 ways to secure your dog in the car safely.

A Sweet Treat

Well, now that you’re in the car with your dog, might as well reward them and keep them cool with a frozen treat.  While ice cream isn’t necessarily a healthy snack for dog, an occasional small amount is probably safe. Make sure while you’re ordering at the drive-thru, the ice cream doesn’t contain chocolate.  Plain vanilla is the safest bet.  Sugar-free ice cream is not a good option, as it could contain xylitol, which is toxic for dogs.  Lastly, choose an ice cream that doesn’t contain macadamia nuts or coffee beans.  Want to make your own homemade dog ice cream?  Try this dog friendly recipe!

Dog Paddle

dog in the water

You don’t need an infinity pool or a tropical beach to keep your dog cool.  Trust us, a make-shift, backyard bucket will do, too!  If you are headed out to the lake, your neighbor’s pool or a beach romp, there are tips to keep your dog safe.  Especially if your dog is new to water, keep a leash on them at all times.  Kick off your sandals and join them for a swim for extra protection. If you’re on a boat, outfitting your pup in a doggy life preserver is a must-have.


dog water bottle

Perhaps the easiest thing to keep your dog cool, is simply drinking water.  Always bring fresh water for your dog to drink.  A doggy water bottle will keep them hydrated.