dreaming bolo BOLO gives me plenty of opportunity to watch her while she is sleeping. If I am lucky, there are times when I actually catch her dreaming. For those of you who have seen your dogs dream, it’s very entertaining. Watching her dream got me thinking about dreaming…or rather, dreams we have for ourselves. I started to wonder, how many people truly follow their dreams?


Remember when you were younger and filled in the blank, “When I grow up, I want to be a ________________”. I started to ponder that statement. Do people  “chase their dreams” and ultimately achieve the highest personal satisfaction in accomplishing everything they sought to do? Do they let those dreams fall to the wayside, or do they stop dreaming all together? I also wondered how and why dreams may change.  bolo sleeping at tradeshow

When I was a young child, I always dreamed of being a teacher. Everything I set out to do in high school and college was designed to ensure I would land the teaching job of my dreams. I did just that, and I spent two years living my dream working directly with, educating, and inspiring high school students.

chase your dreams Once married, new doors of opportunity began to present themselves and new dreams were conjured up that both energized and excited me. The dream that launched me to where I am today began with the adoption of a dalmatian/lab mix puppy. After raising this highly energetic, unruly, mischievous puppy, I discovered I could combine my deep and growing love of dogs with my passion for teaching people. New dreams were formed and I set out to become a professional dog trainer.

My involvement in the world of dogs opened more doors and created opportunity for my dreams to expand further, ultimately creating the vision for Dog is Good. It seems likely that most people have not one, but actually have several dreams to chase throughout their lifetime. When one is passionate about something, it drives them towards their goals. Dreams become fuel that force us to “Dig Deep” and following those dreams helps us find purpose and meaning.

As BOLO wakes from her slumber and comes alive as the absolute happiest dog I have ever known, I am reminded to never stop chasing dreams and find joy living in the moment. Are you chasing your dreams?  If not, what’s stopping you?

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