Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is August 28th, 2021. This day honors all our pets who are no longer with us and have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. The day was founded by author Deborah Barnes as a way for people to share their memories of the pets that they have lost. The death of a pet is felt deeply. Your pet is your family and a part of your everyday life.  When they leave us, our lives are just a bit emptier.  The Rainbow Bridge poem beautifully explains their journey when they leave. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of all the beautiful colors of a rainbow.


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Dealing with the loss of a dog is overwhelming.  Your relationship with your dog is unique with such high levels of trust and respect.  Losing that connection with our dog can be devastating.  When mourning the loss of your beloved dog, don’t be ashamed.  Exhibiting these feelings just means that you are mourning a family member that will forever hold a place in your heart.  If you are dog codependent, perhaps some time in the future, a new pet will come along and move into that empty space in your heart.


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“Dogs are not your whole life, but they make our lives whole,” – Roger Caras.  They provide us comfort when we are down.  They bring us unconditional love.  When we lose a pet, we will never forget the impact they had on our everyday life.  On the Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day you have the opportunity to be nostalgic.  Yes, we will always be sad at the loss, but we can remember all the amazing times we shared with our four-legged friend.  Your memories are locked away in your heart.  Today is the day to share those paw-some pics and stories with your friends and family.  Dog moms and dog dads love trading memories of their beloved pets.


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How can you commemorate all  the adventures that you had with your fur kid?  There are some great way for dog lovers to remember a pet that has passed:

  1.  Make a donation to your local animal shelter in honor of your pet.
  2. Create a special holiday ornament with your pet’s picture
  3. Replace a life with a life and plant a tree in memory of your dog.
  4. Get a custom painting done from your favorite dog picture.
  5. Adopt a new dog from a shelter. If you can’t adopt, volunteer or foster.

Pawrints On Our Hearts

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August 28th is your day to enjoy your memories of your pet.  Pull out of all your old pics.  Scroll through the social media posts.  Call up a friend and share stories.  “Dogs’ lives are too short.  Their only fault, really, ” – Agnes Sligh Turnbull