Ready to bring home a holiday puppy? There’s nothing more iconic than a fluffy puppy wearing a bow just waiting for their family by the Christmas tree.  The excitement, the squeals of joy from kids, it’s every Hallmark movie you’ve ever watched.  However, before you purchase, adopt or rescue a puppy, consider the pros and cons of a holiday puppy.

Forever Dog

Holiday puppy

A puppy is lifetime commitment, which probably means 10+ years of having a four-legged family member. You are never alone when you have a dog. A wiggly fur butt is always adorable.  But realizing how to be a dog owner and incorporating that in your world is important before you bring home Fido. Remember when you used to stay out late and dine on dessert after your four course meal?  Not anymore.  Remember when you would grab a bag and head out to the beach for a quick get-away weekend?  Not anymore.  Your dog needs you and will dictate how late you stay out as well as where you vacation.  Get ready for a big life change when you bring home a holiday puppy.

Holiday Puppy Chaos

holiday puppy

Your friends at Dog is Good agree. It’s always a good time to get a puppy.  But there might be a more appropriate time of year to bring a new family member home.  The extra hustle and bustle around the holidays may just push you over the edge as the puppy pees on your over-priced shag rug.  You will certainly enjoy your pup a little less as you are constantly walking around with paper towels in tow cleaning up all their holiday “gifts.”  Pick the right time when you can commit and devote serious time to their care and training.

Break The Holiday Bank

woman and puppy

So, you’ve avoided spending thousands from a reputable breeder, but instead rescued and adopted a dog from your local shelter.  Good for you!  Saving one dog’s life, makes room for another dog.  But your spending habits have just increased dramatically.  Owning a dog is expensive.  Puppy Kindergarten, training classes, vaccines, spay/neuter surgery, to name a few.  Let’s not forget put nutrition.  You will want to feed high-quality pet food to help your baby grow into a healthy adult.  And did we mention the thousands of dollars you will spend on toys, treats, collars, leashes, crates and maybe even a doggy wardrobe?

Baby It’s Cold Outside

puppy outside in the snow

If you live in Hawaii, then skip this section.  But for many of us, cold weather comes along with the December holidays. Are you prepared to take your little holiday puppy out in the rain, sleet, snow and howling winds?  If you are a resounding YES, then good for you.  If you’d rather be inside by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa, perhaps waiting a few months is a better option.  Being a Dog Mom and Dog Dad is a 24 hour job!  Get ready to be standing outside at 2am cheering on your little pup to go potty!

Moral To The Puppy Story


It doesn’t really matter when you bring a puppy home,  as long as all the family members are ready for the commitment and the responsibility of dog ownership.  But the payoff is definitely worth it!  Just ask any dog lover! Having a fur kid takes time and money, but the rewards far outweigh the price you pay.