Whether you leave your house or are lucky enough to work from home, keeping the dog from being bored all day is a huge task.  All day isn’t for ball play, chase and tug-o-war, but try telling your dog that!  We’ve complied the best ideas for boredom busters for your dog.

Where’s The Remote?

dog watching tv

Tune into a nature show or an animal show might be just the thing to keep your dog engaged. Some meowing and barking on the television will help keep your dog’s mind stimulated.  If a house is too quiet, your pup might just be bored enough to look for trouble.  There’s even a channel now for DOGTV!

Nature TV

dog looking out window

Allow your dog to have access to look out the window.  Watching the neighborhood squirrel patrol will engage the brain and keep your dog entertained.  Just make sure that Grandma’s antique lace drapes are delicately placed to the side, so Max and Fifi have front row seats for the outdoor movie.

Two Is Better Than One

two dogs sleeping

Well, if you have one dog, then perhaps add a sibling to your family dynamic.  Two dogs can spend hours entertaining themselves. Some rescues will even allow you to foster a dog first, to make sure they are the right fit for your home and your dog. Here are some great tips on choosing a second dog!

What Dis?

dog solving puzzle

Dog toys have evolved and come a LONG way to beat boredom. Interactive toys will have your pup engaged and stimulated while they try to find the treat.  Check out these favorites here!  A stuffed KONG toy (try peanut butter or canned pumpkin) with goodies inside is also a boredom buster that will have your dog busy for hours.

Doggie Daycare

dog playing

If your dog is super social and enjoys the company of other pups, doggie daycare is great for bored dogs.  You drop off a crazy dog with the zoomies and then hours later you pick up a smiling, exhausted pup. Reputable doggy daycares employ staff trained in ways to keep your pup safe and active. Here are some tips on what to look for in a daycare!

Walking The Dog

dog walker

For the pet parents who works long hours or is stuck at home in zoom meetings all day, a dog walker may be the only way your pooch can get some much needed exercise.  Just because your cardio routine may be suffering, doesn’t mean the dog has to miss out on a 5K.  Check out rover.com to find a great dog walker in your neighborhood.

Dog Is My Zen

zen dog

If your dog suffers from anxiety and stress when you leave your house, then introducing a natural supplement may be a good option.  There are treats that you can try out to promote relaxation and to help reduce their stress. Calming collars are also useful as they release pheromones to calm your dog.  Here’s a list of the best calming collars for dogs.