Congrats to the Obama family and their newly acquired 6 mo. old Portuguese Water Dog pup, whom Sasha and Malia have named “Bo.”  A gift from Sen. Edward M. Kennedy ( a long-time PWD owner,) it turns out that the Obamas will be Bo’s second family. This is great because they get to have a purebred, hypoallergenic dog, AND rescue as well. This is quite the Cinderella story for Bo – he’s gone from family reject to the most famous, highly anticipated dog in the world.

I guess in a way I was hoping that they would just take a trip to the local shelter and pick out a dog on death row, but I guess the President’s dog has to have SOME decorum (wouldn’t want a filthy spy to infiltrate the most inner sanctum of National Security now would we.)  Regardless, although the White House has attempted to keep this whole process tightly under wraps, it’s out now, and it’s about time!

A few weeks back when he appeared on Leno, Obama joked that the dog “was just a campaign promise” and then quickly added that he was kidding and the canine’s arrival was impending.

Apparently the name “Bo” is inspired by the cat of a cousin, and Michelle’s father whose nickname is “Diddley” (as in Bo Diddley) – although has anyone else noticed that B.O. is also the President’s initials… Hmmmm.

* * *

Now to figure out how to get to the White House to photograph this popular puppy!