It’s been popularly acknowledged that dogs and cats are mortal enemies since the beginning. However, that idea seems to be not completely true at all. In fact, 17% of households in the US own both cats and dogs. This just shows that there are dog breeds that can live calmly with cats in peace under one roof. Both animals don’t naturally hate each other. Some owners, especially those who use both animals for emotional support find that they get along just fine. It depends on whether they grow up in the same environment and of course, on each animal’s individual personality. If you already have a feline friend and you’re looking for a new addition to your furry family, here are some dog breeds that can live calmly with cats.


1. Golden Retriever Dog Breeds That Can Live Calmly With Cats

Golden Retrievers are not only good with kids but with any pets of varying shapes and sizes as well. This family dog will certainly get along with a cat and consider it easily as a part of its family. This dog breed has a very social and enthusiastic personality which can go well with a feline. They are also easy to train and can adapt easily to any environment. Although Golden Retrievers are outgoing and love playtime, they also know when it’s time to tone the energy down. It’s known that cats appreciate a little alone time and this breed will easily understand the space.



labrador retriever puppy kisses cat2. Labrador Retriever 

Although Labrador Retrievers are one of the largest breeds, they also have the biggest and gentlest hearts. Just like Golden Retrievers, they get along well with everyone. This all-around dog can keep up with an energetic cat because of its outgoing nature but can still stay chill when needed. It is important to introduce the two during their early ages since cats can easily get overwhelmed by this breed’s size. Lab Retrievers would also try to carry the kitties in their mouths since they are used to retrieving things. They can be easily trained though, so they would likely stop doing it as they aim to please everyone around them.



Dog Breeds That Can Live Calmly With Cats

3. Pug

A great addition to your paw family, pugs are worth the cost. The only thing this adorable dog breed love more than attention is nap times – something that they might have in common with most cats. They’d love cuddling with cats and are mostly mellow. In fact, cats can tackle them down during playtime. Even if they are quite sweet, they are tough enough for an energetic cat that loves some playtime. Their affectionate personality is also great for cats that love lazing around the house while waiting for their owners.



DOK 03 RK0081 12P4. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are known for being lazy and patient. They’d rather hunt for food than chase the house cat all day. They are also tolerant when it comes to other animals and kids. This laid-back attitude makes them a good companion for cats since both animals would likely just nap after a little play time. This kind of breed doesn’t require a lot of exercises. Although they can be quite stubborn just like cats, it’s rare for Basset Hounds to have any serious temperament issues. Think of it like having Droopy and Garfield at the same house.



Dog Breeds That Can Live Calmly With Cats5. Beagle

According to American Kennel Club, these little hunters are considered one of the first choices for cat owners when looking for another companion. They might playfully hunt for cats when outside because of their nature but overall, they are friendly and would treat cats as part of the pack. Once inside the house, this friendly breed would eventually mellow down and snuggle with cats. Beagles are also smart enough not to treat the felines as their prey and would happily get distracted in following other trails with their noses. Before considering Beagles, just make sure that their chasing instincts are not that strong to avoid annoying your laid-back cat.


Dog Breeds That Can Live Calmly With Cats6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are almost the same size as most cats; if not a little bigger. They are tough, fearless, and would not be easily intimidated evenwith the meanest cat. These lovable pups will eventually warm the heart of cats with their affectionate nature. Charles Spaniels are also respectful of other animals’ boundaries so you wouldn’t have to worry about them annoying and getting all over your cat’s space too much. Note that this breed can be dependent on companionship so it might be a good idea to pair them with a feline friend if ever you don’t have enough time for them.



Friends – small dog and cat together7. Bichon Frise

This little fluffy cloud is usually smaller than an average cat but it can still match these felines when it comes to playtime. Bichon Frise dogs are as sweet as they look and would inevitably charm their way inside the heart of a snobbish cat. They can be considered as aggressively friendly and social. They would likely treat cats as another small playmate. This makes them a good match for families with kids too. Bichons and cats should be raised together from the start. This way, they could be more in tune with each other’s energy.


These dog breeds that can live calmly with cats are just some of the many that make compatible companions with felines. Make sure you do you research before introducing dogs and cats- you may even want to consult an animal behaviorist! Share with us in the comments if you have canine and feline companions!