Bentley is a 6 year old, 226 lbs. Mastiff. He came to me through some mishandling by a local rescue that would have ultimately cost him his life had I not stepped up and claimed him. He came to me at a year old and had clearly been mistreated and left crated for long periods of time by his original owner. I was also at a very, very low point in my life with the stresses of work and finances seriously taking its toll on me. I have had dogs my entire life and have never had a bond like I do with Bentley. He has complete trust in me and knowing that he had been mistreated in the past sometimes the loving and trusting way he would look at me would reduce me to tears. Since I had no experience with giant breeds or dogs with fear aggression issues, I worked with an amazing behavioralist to learn his issues and how to make things as good as I could for him. Being able to focus on him and spend time with him helped pulled me out of the depression I was in. I truly believe that we rescued each other.