As a dog lover, you have heard the term alpha dog at least a “bajillion” times.  It originated from a study done by animal behaviorist, Rudolph Schenkel, on captive wolf packs in a zoo during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Based on his observation, he concluded that wolves will engage in dominant, aggressive behavior to become the alpha of the pack.  On the contrary, there were no control groups consisting of  wolf packs living in their natural environments.  Placing multiple packs in captivity created tension over time. Trying to become the alpha resulted in aggressive behavior for positioning in the pack.  To become the alpha in your own life, you will need to become your own leader.

In the wild, normal wolf packs have order and a natural leader who keeps the pack safe and controls the resources for its members.  The concept of “alpha” and dominance theory, as it relates to raising a dog, is misleading. Notwithstanding, it can tarnish the relationship one has with their dog.   At the end of the day, the term alpha is just about leadership.  Humans are not dogs, but they are similar in wanting to become the alpha and take control of their lives.

How can you be the ALPHA of your own life?

How can this term be analogous to living our best lives? We are all leaders. You may be a  leader in a company, of an athletic team, in your family,  in your community, in your church, or in your circle of friends.  These are all important positions. However, the most important role of leadership that you must step into is becoming a leader for yourself. 

It is a moral obligation to take responsibility for our thoughts, decisions, actions, and results. If we can’t communicate with ourselves in a space of integrity, we not only let ourselves down, we rob the people around us. What does it take to step up and become the ALPHA of you?  Above all, it starts with acknowledging the fact that you are operating at 30-40%of your capacity.  In addition, you have to be willing to step up into a leadership role. It requires that you stop living in complacency as an extra in your own movie.  It happens when you commit to living from a place of self-respect and self-integrity, doing the things you know how to do, and should do,  rather than falling complacent to the excuses, complaints, and old stories that keep you stuck.  If not now, when? It’s time. Be your own Alpha.


What does ALPHA mean for you?

The Alpha Wolf

 AAcknowledge there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be.

 LLet go of excuses, complaints, and accept responsibility for the results you have gotten up until now.   

PPursue bigger things and create a personal growth plan.

HHabits. Get the ones that yield the results you want.

AAccelerate forward progress through consistency, reflection, and upgrades.


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