dog likes whatever I cookIn recent years, my culinary adventures have taken a back seat to growing the Dog is Good brand.  This is not to say that I don’t cook…it just means I have turned into a boring cook, content with my staples of grilled chicken, fish, or steak and a side of whatever vegetables haven’t grown mold while waiting their selection from the crisper drawer in my refrigerator.   Regardless of the results from my  “random acts of kitchen concontary” , I can always count on my dogs for a double “paws up”; AT LEAST the dogs like whatever I cook. Of the four dogs in my life, three were master food stealers. Henry was the only one who never quite earned the moniker of “king of counter surfing” or “master trash can cleaner”.  My only explanation for this is that he is simply too small to reach.

Zoe, my dalmatian/lab mix, tolerated the addition of my daughter to the family until she discovered that the baby served as an effective “food delivery system”.  Sitting under her high chair, Zoe’s  waistline grew as Abby tossed her anything she did not care to eat herself.  AT LEAST the relationship between them grew as both delighted in a  game that  Zoe was thrilled to play. Sasha embarked on her career as a professional counter surfer after polishing off grilled steaks and chicken waiting on a platter to be delivered to guests attending a dinner party.  AT LEAST we  had plenty of appetizers, side dishes, and desserts to still enjoy the evening. And BOLO almost single handedly destroyed a holiday party by polishing off the desserts in the back of my car awaiting delivery to the party and then returned it the next day on my office carpet.  AT LEAST we caught her before she devoured the main dish.  Thank you, BOLO.abby zoe

AT LEAST….two words that can shift your mindset and take any situation from arghhh to ahhhhhh.  During the week of Thanksgiving, everyone seeks to express gratitude for the people/things/experiences in their lives. Like many people, I strive to write those things down on a daily basis. However, that may not always help me with mental paradigm shifts when I come up against situations that generate frustration.  Since life is happening 24/7, implementing the words “AT LEAST” following anything that  generates  emotions which don’t serve you could provide a major boost in your positive attitude and alter the outcome of your day.

For example you might say:

  • Argh,my dog ran through the mud –  AT LEAST she doesn’t jump up on me and ruin my outfit.
  • Argh, my dog peed on my rug-  AT LEAST I have a home that I can decorate with a rug and a dog who offers me unconditional love
  • Argh, my dog would not come to me at the dog park- AT LEAST he got to run around a little more and will be tired and well behaved at home so I can relax
  • Argh, I dropped a glass and it broke on the floor-  AT LEAST I am wearing shoes and my dogs know the cue STAY so they will stay out of the kitchen while I clean it up and not get glass in their paws
  • Argh,  traffic is making me late to work-  AT LEAST I have a car I can drive and a place to go that earns me money so I can live.

I think you get the picture.  What if, for the entire week of Thanksgiving, you added the words “at least” to every frustrating experience and minor set back you encounter? If nothing else, AT LEAST you will discover a lot more things to be grateful for.