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Join our AMAZING team of ambassadors and help spread the Dog is Good message while making a difference in the lives of animals!

  • Huge discounts on our website

  • Early access to our new product releases

  • Provide input for new designs and products

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  • Potential to make a percentage of sales

  • Make a difference in the lives of dogs and humans!

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Why be a Dog is Good Ambassador?

How is Dog is Good different from other dog lifestyle brand websites?

Dog is Good products are truly unique! Each product or design has a meaningful message behind it and showcases the dog lover’s bond with their pup. Dog is Good creates products for every type of dog lover – from stylish dog moms and comedic dog dads to outdoorsy adventure seekers, we’ve got something for everyone! Dog is Good is also committed to supporting a variety of animal and human welfare organizations and a portion of proceeds are always donated. This means dog lovers can feel great about their purchase!

Additionally, Dog is good sources the highest grade materials for super comfy and long lasting apparel and partners with easily recognized brands to consistently license new and interesting products for the dog lover. As an ambassador, you’ll never run out of awesome gear to share with your friends and followers!

What type of ambassadors does Dog is Good have?

Dog is Good recognizes that the dog lover community is HUGE and filled with super passionate people! We love to work with people who go camping with their dogs, as much as we love to work with our agility folks and our animal rescuers! Our community is filled with dog moms and dog dads from all over the world who are crazy obsessed with their dog(s). You never know who you’re going to meet in the DIG Pack!

What our ambassadors have to say:

“Dog is Good is an outstanding company with amazing values and amazing gear for dog lovers! We have worked with the co founder Gila, and we love her message and the love she puts into her products!” – Mel S.

“I love Dog is Good, of course I’m a ambassador! But it’s because I believe in your purpose, also how you celebrate the dogs in your life and in the world.” – Kimberly S.

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