jon and gila kurtz founders of dog is good

Cofounders Jon and Gila Kurtz launched Dog is Good (DIG) in 2008 after Gila, a professional dog trainer, had long complained about the lack of clothing which expressed her love of dogs and was actually fashionable. The DIG brand was created to celebrate the remarkable bond people have with their dogs. With a mission to change lives one dog at a time, the brand focuses on art and messaging that resonates with dog lovers and reminds us all, as we say, how great it feels to be with Dog..  

DIG operates from a combined office/warehouse location in Los Alamitos, CA. The company sells to retailers all over the USA and some internationally, on and through other online marketplaces. DIG also licenses the brand to numerous manufacturers who have their own distribution of pet, gift and home decor products. 

DIG is rapidly growing their mobile pop-up business opportunity to dog lovers looking to combine their entrepreneurial spirit with their love of dogs. 

Since inception, Dog is Good has generously given back to animal welfare and veteran organizations.  DIG has created many targeted campaigns to create awareness and to raise funds for numerous organizations, including personally raising and training a guide dog (BOLO was subsequently career-changed and now serves as the DIG mascot and centerpiece for educational programs).

In 2021, DIG furthered its commitment to making a difference with the creation of the Dog is Good for Good Foundation.  The foundation exists to support three key pillars: 

  1. Create awareness and provide resources to hyper-local animal welfare non-profits
  2. Children’s literacy through a book series for 1st-3rd graders and support for reading with dogs programs
  3. The BOLO Project, a program for 15-18 year olds, designed to develop confident and inspired future leaders of impact through access to success principles, effective goal setting, leadership and communication, financial literacy, and a service project for animal welfare organizations. 

A company and brand that is truly ‘inspired by dog’, DIG offers everyone the chance to be inspired by their own dog(s).  To receive inspiration by e-mail from your very own dog, DIG invites you to sign up for a weekly dose of Fur Covered Wisdom.