A window perch is the perfect little spot for your dog to relax and scope out a nice view.  In this article Modernize has listed four different types of DIY projects for homeowners, ranging from the beginner’s level to the more advanced.  With each project having such easy-to-follow directions and varied designs, any dog lover can find one that will inspire them to make the most ideal perch for their pup.

How to DIY a Window Perch for Your Pet

Erin Vaughan

At Modernize, we’re animal-lovers, so we understand how important it is to design your home with your pup’s needs in mind. That’s why we went hunting for the perfect DIY window perch so that your pet can guard your home from fearsome squirrels—without wreaking havoc on your furniture. Here are some ideas that will guarantee they’ll reward you with plenty of nuzzles!

Via Modernize
Your Basic Model

Puppy paradise can be as simple as building a bench to sit below the window, which you then cover with dog-friendly upholstery. You can find instructions for building your perch here. All it takes is some wood and some fabric and foam to get this pet perch all set up.

After cutting the wood to your desired size (or having your home improvement associate cut it for you if you’re not into saws!), just drill the pieces together. Cover your board with foam and fabric, cut it to size, staple it straight around the top, and you’re done! Pretty simple, right?

Just a head’s up: you’ll probably want to chose a fabric that is stain-proof so it can be easily cleaned. And we love the idea of placing a seagrass or fabric basket in the shelves below—they’re just perfect for holding all of Rover’s toys.

The Deluxe Model

Is your dog too little or aging to hop up on a tall bench? Don’t worry, they don’t need to miss out on window-gazing! Just pair your bench with these simple DIY pet steps. They’re just the perfect height to match your pet perch, and are easy to make, as well. Plus, the rubber drawer lining on the stairs makes them slip-free and extra safe.

Perch with a Kennel

You say your dog loves the sun but also craves the safety of a kennel? We love this variation on the window perch that lets your puppy crawl into a cozy bed tucked under the kennel when it’s time to get down to some serious snoozing.

A Moveable Beast

And if you don’t feel like permanently losing access to your window? Then how about this cute, mid-century style dog bed? We absolutely love the design, and the legs make it easy to move when it’s time to put up the holiday decorations—that is, if you can get your pet to get up for a few minutes! And if you’d like to keep your dog at the window but don’t want to hear constant barking, consider adding a window frost, using a frosted window film or temporary spray frost to blur your pup’s view of other animals and keep him/her calm and carefree.

Now that you have everything you need to make the perfect pet perch, it’s time to get started and earn your keep, human! Absolute canine bliss awaits!