IMG_5036-e1435270188139-225x300Tomorrow marks an exciting day for many, it’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day!  There are many companies big and small that allow their employees to bring their pups to work!  For some it’s  an everyday adventure.  As an employee of Dog is Good, I find it rewarding on all levels that everyday is bring your dog to work day.  I recently read that working in an environment that allows dogs lowers stress, increases employee productivity and adds to an overall happier work environment.  I absolutely agree.




I find joy when I am sitting at my desk in the morning and hear quick little feet running up the staircase and then down the hall.  I try to guess which dog it is based on the intensity of the of the footprint sounds.  Jake, BOLO, Henry, Lulu, Jax, and Dixie frequent DIG headquarters regularly and absolutely add to the positive dynamics of the work environment.  I find myself smiling and at times laughing out loud during the day when the pups are here.  Whether it’s Henry laying in the middle of the hallway looking exhausted, BOLO checking every trashcan on the premise multiple times a day, or Jake making his daily visit down to the warehouse to meet up with the UPS delivery man, it gives me joy.

IMG_4785-e1435270233702-225x300As we all know our jobs can be stressful, our days can be jammed packed and move at lightning speed and it can be challenging to stop for a fun moment or just smile.  When the pups are here in the office I find myself doing that.  Just stopping to smile.  The core of Dog is Good focuses on the impact of the dog-human relationship and the positive benefits each has on the other.  I get to experience this everyday.