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Meet the Author: Gila Kurtz!

Gila Kurtz is a serial entrepreneur who found her deepest passion in working with dogs and their people. She is a Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Dog is Good, a lifestyle brand for dog lovers. 

She is the bestselling author of Fur Covered Wisdom...A Dog Can Change the Way You See the World, which quickly became a #1 International Best Seller on Amazon in both the Pet and Self-Help Categories. She has also written for and been featured in Success magazine.

Gila is the recipient of several business awards including recognition as one of the top 25 women of influence in the pet industry (2015) by Pet Age Magazine and, most recently, Women of the Year award for Women In the Pet Industry Network (2017).

In addition to her role as Brand Ambassador for Dog is Good, Gila is an author, expert storyteller, and compelling teacher who speaks professionally on life lessons, entrepreneurship, building relationships, and parenting strategies... inspired by Dog. 

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