As public gatherings,  events are canceled, schools are closing and employees are starting to work from home, everyone is suddenly faced with the reality that they will be spending a lot more time indoors.

Although remaining inside is a good way to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus, it could lead to something else… boredom and stir craziness… especially if you have pets!

What’s there to do while stuck indoors with your pup? We’ve compiled 6 suggestions to help make your time quarantined as interesting – and perhaps even as productive – as possible!


1. Training

golden training

This one is a no-brainer! Spend time each day teaching your old dog new tricks. Take sit and stay a step further and learn how to build upon those commands. Thereare so many valuable online resources from professional dog trainers that you can take advantage of. Check out the Puppr app from dog trainer and performer Sara Carson Devine or watch Kaelin Munkelwitz on her Instagram account @allthingspups.



2. Nosework

Nosework can be a fun alternative to fetch and is a great way for you and your dog to bond even more! Plus, at the end your pup will get a yummy treat! If this is your first time trying nosework with your dog, start off easy. Put them in place or in a waiting position and let them watch you hide treats around the room. Then encourage them to “find the treats!”  You want to make sure to celebrate each and every treat he/she finds!

Once your dog catches on, you can increase the difficulty by having he/she wait in another room while you hide the treats. You can also start with super smelly soft treats, and then gradually try different treats or even toys. This is sure to keep your dog busy and entertained!



dog and kong toy3. Fill a stuffable treat or use a puzzle toy

Rubber toys such as Kongs and are a perfect way to entertain a bored dog. Fill them up with a yummy treat and watch your dog entertain themself for hours! Always be sure to supervise your dog, especially strong chewers.

4. Photoshoot with your pup

Whether your dog likes to dress up in cozy sweaters or cute bandanas, now is the time to pull out your camera and pose your pup! Have fun with it, use a small squeaky toy to get their attention and shoot. Make sure to reward their good behavior with lots of positive reinforcement. You can also take candid photos of every day life with your dog.

5. Turn on DogTV

Are you quarantined, but still working from home? Turn on DogTV for your pooch, it’s just like Netflix, but your dog will love it! They offer calming channels, engaging channels, along with tons of shows and information about dogs. Their programming is also specifically sensory designed for dogs. No better way to keep them entertained, while you’re working away at your laptop!



6. Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

What is a safe, non-toxic way to entertain your dog for hours? Blow bubbles! This is a great way to keep both kids and dogs engaged in a fun activity. You might also want to check out these bacon flavored bubbles to make play time even more enticing!

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