Take Your Dog To Work Day is fast approaching! June 21 is the day set aside for dog parents to take their dogs to work with them. We have 5 ways to prepare your dog for Take Your Dog To Work Day.

Ask yourself, “Is my dog office-ready?” If you’re not certain, you still have time to work with him to make him a great office mate!

5 Ways To Prepare Your Dog For ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day’

Prepare Your Dog For 'Take Your Dog To Work Day'You know your dog is adorable. Your dog is the cutest and best dog to ever have graced an office, right? Are you viewing your dog through rose-colored glasses? Maybe! Let’s explore ways you can prepare him to be the talk of the office — in a good way!

Manners matter. Does your dog have good manners? This means, does he bark at strangers? Will he bark at unfamiliar office sounds (the copier, the phones ringing, etc.)? Will he sit calmly at your desk? Is your dog going to be lunging at your coworkers every time they walk by your desk? Can your dog see another dog and be calm and friendly?

A well-socialized dog will be more welcome in the workplace. Know your dog. Understand how he will react to strangers and when he is in a strange setting which will certainly prepare your dog for ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day’. Also, keep in mind that the other dogs in the office may be stressed and the pheromones could make your normally-calm dog anxious.

Check with your office mates. Not everyone wants to be around dogs and even if your office allows your dog in the office, if you work in close quarters with someone who is afraid of, or doesn’t like dogs, you might want to leave her home. Colleagues who aren’t fond of, or who are allergic to, dogs will appreciate your asking if you can bring yours in. If they aren’t comfortable, respect that and spend the day showing off photos of your pup!

Dog proof your space. Give your workspace a once-over and see if it’s safe for your dog. Will your dog sleep under your desk? If that’s the case, is there room for his bed and a toy or two to help entertain him? If you don’t have an office, will you need to hold onto his leash all day? Is that feasible? Check for items your dog could eat that are harmful — paperclips, trash, etc.

Prepare your dog for Take Your Dog To Work Day

Bring food, water and treats. Don’t leave home without your dog’s favorite food and treats. If you’re at work during your dog’s regular meal times, bring her food bowl and her food. Give her a treat if she relieves herself out-of-doors. Packing a doggie bag should include one of her favorite toys, a blanket or bed from home and anything you feel may make the day a success.

Don’t forget, too, that you need to find a place for your pup to relieve herself and you will need to pick up her poo!

Have an exit plan. No matter how much you’ve prepared, things may go south and if that happens, you need a way to exit your workplace and take your dog home. A dog who is stressed out, will make his human stressed out and it’s not fair to subject him to a long, anxiety-ridden day. Talk with a friend or family member prior to Take Your Dog To Work Day and see if they can pick your dog up if she is too nervous. Rather, if you live close by, your employer may let you leave so you can take your dog home.

The key to enjoying Take Your Dog To Work Day is to assure you, your colleagues and more importantly, your dog, will have the best day at the office ever! Follow these tips and it will ensure you prepare your dog for ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day’. If you participate this year by bringing your pup to work, make sure to tag us on Instagram @dogisgood.

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