If you’ve ever found yourself stumbling home late at night after too many drinks and been met with all the judgement of your fur baby, then you know dogs can be pretty good dads. Despite the judgement and harsh disappointing looks, they still hold the biggest places in our hearts. In honor of Father’s Day, here are some ways your dog can be like your dad:

Dog running dog dad Father's Day1. They remind you to exercise.

Dads never have a problem hinting that you put on a few extra pounds since you finally settled down with your significant other. Well, your dogs are no exception. Your pups will make you chase them around the park- coincidence? I think not.

2. When you oversleep, they make sure you wake up anyways.

Late for work? Never! Your pups make sure by 6 a.m. you know it’s time to go potty, so don’t even bother setting that alarm. Just like dad did in high school…

Dog and dad eating Father's Day3. When your dad and dog get real comfy in life= Dad bods.

No dad likes to admit it, but sometimes life gets in the way of the gym. When your dog doesn’t quite find the motivation to go to the dog park, he puts on those extra rolls too. It’s okay, you still never let them eat alone.

4. They like to think they maintain security in the house.

Your dad’s baseball bat underneath his bed and your dog’s mighty bark might just be enough to scare off that noise you heard outside. Either way, they feel important and needed, so you’ll just leave them be.

dog and humans eating Father's Day

5. They finish your leftovers.

Didn’t finish your chicken? No worries, dad’s got it. Both dad and dog, have actually been eyeing your piece ever since you served yourself.


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