You know the drill… hair in the bed and on the pillow. Buried toys, drool, and being pushed to the very, VERY edge of the bed. Paws on your back and the fragrance of dog breath as you wake up. Wet nose peeking up from underneath the covers. And there’s nowhere you’d rather be! We know this topic brings hot debate and every dog owner seems to have an opinion. But it turns out, sleeping with your pup does have its benefits. Here are our top 5 reasons you should let your dog sleep with you. Remember, never sleep alone!

1. It may help to calm you and help you fall asleep faster

5 Reasons You Should Let Your Dog Sleep with You

It’s well know that dogs help their humans de-stress and can be extremely soothing. Allowing a dog in your bed may help calm you down after a long day and may also aid in getting you to fall asleep faster. Focusing on your pup and cuddling is a great alternative to scrolling through your phone right before bed. Let Dog bring you peace before you sleep!

2. Sleeping with your dog will make you feel safe

For thousands of years humans have lived with dogs. There is an instinctive feeling of safety when a dog is nearby. Whether your pup is a massive Great Dane or a Shitzu, you have no doubt that they would protect you if need be making it easier for you to close your eyes. Just one more reason you should let your dog sleep with you!

3. It will strengthen your bond with your dog

Ever wonder why your dog loves sleeping with you? It’s because it comforts them too! Dogs are pack animals, they have always slept close to one another, keeping in heat and keeping out danger. When you brought your dog home, they joined your pack and they want to be as close as possible. Every minute you spend together whether you’re out on a walk or snoring side by side will strengthen your bond and connection.

5 Reasons You Should Let Reasons Your Dog Should Sleep with You4. Science says you’ll get a better night’s sleep

Sure we can go on and on about the reasons you should let your dog sleep with you, but science doesn’t lie! According to a Mayo Clinic study, more than half of pet owners surveyed (56%) allowed their pets to sleep in their bed and 41% perceived their pets as even beneficial to sleep with. What’s more, the rhythmic heartbeat and breathing makes your dog the best sleep aid on the market!

5. Save on your utilities bill and use the natural body warmth of your dog

This one’s a no-brainer! Why spend money on your gas bill during the cold winter months when you can cuddle and snuggle with your dog? You’ll provide each other with natural body warmth, keeping you both cozy all night long!

Did we convince you to have a puppy PJ party tonight with our top 5 reasons you should let your dog sleep with you? We sure hope so! For all you dog lovers who love snuggling up with your furry best friend at the end of the day, grab your favorite dog lover pajamas and keep doing what you’re doing!