Dogs are active and love to be active. Puppies to senior dogs love a good walk and a walk will keep them healthy, happy and bonded with you. There are many more than 5 reasons to walk your dog, but we want to give you a chance to get out and walk, not stay indoors reading!

One of the major benefits of being a dog parent is that you never have to walk alone. When your dog sees you head toward the door and hears you get his leash, he will come running. Dogs love to be out-of-doors and love to be by your side.

5 Reasons To Walk Your Dog

Health benefits. An active dog is a healthier dog. Obesity is on the rise and our pets are suffering myriad health issues because of it including:

  1. Arthritis and other joint issues
  2. Diabetes
  3. Cancer

Taking your dog for a walk two or three times a day can help stave off health isssues and disease. What pet parent wouldn’t want a healthier dog? Dogs require more than a trip out of doors to “do their business” during the day. Your dog will want to sniff the ground, mark his territory, feel the sun on his face and the grass beneath his feet.

5 reasons to walk a dogAnxiety and stress relief. Not all breeds require the same amount of exercise daily to keep them happy and mentally stimulated. High-drive breeds (Jack Russell Terriers, Border Collies, etc.) thrive when they are mentally and physically active. If your dog is “acting out” and chewing your favorite shoes, the couch or barking while you’re away, she may need more activity.

Take your dog on a long walk before you leave for work. If your dog requires more physical activity during the day, ask a friend or hire a dog walker to talk her for a mid-day walk. There are truly no “bad” dogs, just dogs who need more activity to stave off boredom.

They love it. Even if you are shivering on a blustery day, chances are your dog is still loving being out-of-doors. Sure, your dog may love lying on the couch or in her crate, but we bet she perks up when she knows she’s going out. Dogs need fresh air and a leashed walk is a great treat. Combine a walk with a game of fetch or a quick, mad dash around your fenced in yard. Let him roll in the grass and bite at falling raindrops!

Watching your dog enjoy himself and frolic will lighten your mood!

Socialization is important. When you and your dog are walking or visiting a dog park, you are providing much-needed socialization. Meeting other dogs and running, jumping and playing teaches your dog how to interact with others. Meeting other people while on a walk shows your dog “strangers can be friends.”

A well-socialized dog is a happier, friendlier family member.

Bonding time. When you’re walking your dog, the two of you can share the glory of the day. You can stop and marvel at a dragonfly on a plant, you can slow down while your dog sniffs every blade of grass. On a walk, it’s just the two of you and no inside distractions. Walking your dog means you never have to walk alone and after a long, stressful day at work having a companion to share a few quiet moments is a true gift.

Walking your dog means you are reaping the health benefits of getting up and moving — it’s a win-win! Taking your phone on your walk is great for snapping a few photos of your dog, but make sure when you’re walking your dog that you are existing in the moment and enjoying all that the walk, being in nature and the love of your dog have to offer.

We’ve put together our favorite 5 reasons to walk your dog, but know there are many more and we would love to hear your favorite dog-walking reasons.




Robbi Hess, Woman In The Pet Industry Solopreneur Finalist and award-winning author, is multi-petual. When not caring for her pets or taking them on walks, she is a speaker, efficiency and effectiveness guru, content creator, social media manager and blogger. She writes at All Words MatterMy Divas Dish, and is the story editor and chief cat herder at Positively Woof/Crimeless Cat.