Many pet parents think nothing of traveling with their pets. In fact, many pet parents won’t take a trip if they can’t take their furbaby with them. Whether you’re taking a plane, train or automobile, we have 5 items all traveling dog parents need.

Traveling with a dog or cat is much like traveling with a child. An adult can grab a bag and go, but when you bring your pet, a checklist and more planning may be involved. Even though you can pick up an item you may have forgotten for your pet, it’s easier (and in many cases, better) to bring items your pet is familiar with.

5 Items All Traveling Dog Parents Need

Whether you’re heading out on a holiday trip or even a cross-country summer vacation with your furbaby, these tips will help you be prepared.

Comfortable bed or blankets. Familiar items keep your dogs calmer when on a road trip or sleeping black-and-white-siberian-husky-besides-man-wearing-blue-2402799in an unfamiliar setting. When packing up for your trip, grab their blanket or bed if it will fit in the vehicle.

Their favorite food and toys. Don’t leave home without your dog’s favorite food. The last thing a traveling family wants to do is to switch their dog’s food while on the road. A quick switch in food can lead to vomiting and/or diarrhea and no one wants that when you’re in the car or staying with friends and family.

If your dog has a favorite toy or more than one toy, bring that along on the trip. He may play with it while he’s safely harnessed into the car. You will want to take breaks along the way and you can play a quick game of fetch (as long as he’s safely on a leash) to help him burn off some energy.

Tips for traveling safely with your pets

Leash, harness and/or collar. Keep your dog on a leash, harness and in a collar when you make pit stops along the route. Even if your dog has stellar recall, if he’s in an unfamiliar area he could get frightened and dash into traffic or into the woods and get separated from you. When you’re traveling your dog should wear a collar with a tag that has your contact information and/or be microchipped.

Responsible pet parent items. This item won’t directly benefit your pup, but as a responsible pet flat-screen-tv-2659629parent you need to pick up her poo. Don’t leave an area without picking up after your dog and disposing properly of his waste. 

Never leave home without your pet’s medical records and vaccination records. Heaven forbid there is a need for a visit to an emergency veterinarian, but if there is and if you have your dog’s vaccination and medical records you are better assured she will receive the best care possible.

Travel water and food bowls. Depending on the length of the car trip you may not want to feed your dog during it, especially if she is prone to an upset tummy. Water, though is necessary for your pet’s health and safety. Stop frequently to let your dog stretch her legs and take a drink of water. If your dog is nervous and is panting in the backseat of the car, she will need that sip of cool, clean water you’ve brought along with you.

What is on your must-have list when you travel with your pets? Let us know in the comments!

Robbi Hess, Woman In The Pet Industry Solopreneur Finalist and award-winning author, is multi-petual. When not caring for her pets or taking them on walks, she is a speaker, efficiency and effectiveness guru, content creator, social media manager and blogger. She writes at All Words MatterMy Divas Dish, and is the story editor and chief cat herder at Positively Woof/Crimeless Cat.