I wanted to find out some of the best tips to keep our dogs in the best shape possible, so I reached out to my good friend and groomer extraordinaire, Melesssa Austin to share some tips with you today!

1. Stay on Schedule: to help keep your pup maintained and always looking their best, stay on schedule. If you choose either full-service grooming or self-service grooming, make sure to stick to your routine. Whether you bathe/groom your pup every 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or every two months, staying on schedule will prevent excess shedding, matting, and help with overall maintenance.

2. Hair Length: if you have a long haired dog who is extremely active, consider keeping their hair short year-round. This will help prevent your pup from bringing in unwanted visitors from outside including bugs, sticks, dirt, and mud.

3. In-Between Maintenance: wiping down paws, bellies, and booties after going outside, going on walks, drinking water, etc. is highly recommended. Preventing certain areas from getting soiled will allow for easier cleaning up in the long run. Just a quick wipe-down of the muzzle after a meal can help stave off the dreaded “crunchy face.”

4. Shampoo and Conditioner Choice: not all grooming products are created equal. Be sure to talk with a grooming professional to choose the right product to use on your pet’s specific coat type. An oatmeal based treatment is great for moisturizing dry skin, (as long as your four-legged friend isn’t allergic), while an aloe vera shampoo can help with cooling down inflamed and irritated areas. Just like us, pets come in all different shapes, sizes, and skin types.

5. Diet: your dog’s immune system directly stems from their gut, and if their overall gut health is unbalanced in any way it will then cause imbalances on their skin, ears, and eyes, among other areas. If left unchecked, these imbalances can cause your pup to become stinky, greasy, and itchy. Speak to a professional to find out what the best diet and supplement regimen would be best for your pet to keep them happy and your home free of dirty dog smell.

Thank you to Melesssa Austin, who is the owner of Posh Pooch in Huntington Beach, CA, for  sharing with us your top grooming secrets! Check out her website at http://www.poshpoochonline.com/