In 2012, Daniel, a Beagle, was recognized at the American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards as one of eight category winners. Daniel won the “Emerging Hero” category. The honor soon proved to be prescient. Though not a hero in the sense that he saved the lives of humans or was a terrific guide dog, Daniel’s story was an inspiration to all. You see, Daniel was the lone survivor of a mass euthanasia effort in an Alabama carbon monoxide gas chamber. His survival is a remarkable story not only because he lived, but because he inspired an entire movement to effect the enactment of legislation to prevent this continued method of euthanizing “unwanted” dogs.

Joe Dwyer, who adopted Daniel, has used Daniel’s story to help put an end to mass euthanasia. Last December, the pair chalked up a victory in Pennsylvania when the state passed Daniel’s Law. This makes it a crime to euthanize animals in a carbon monoxide gas chamber.

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In another huge victory just last month, similar legislation was signed into law by the Governor of Texas: Read Story Here. The state of Massachusetts passed a similar law last summer and the number of states with comparable laws is now approaching 25.

The ultimate goal? Daniel and his family are pushing for federal laws to protect shelter pets and give them more loving, humane treatment.

Daniel with his family, Joe and Geralynn Dwyer.

Daniel with his family, Joe and Geralynn Dwyer.

Dog is Good believes in Daniel, and Joe and his family, and appreciates their dedicated effort to raise awareness and create change. According to Joe, “My story has provided me with a great opportunity to spread positive messages. I hope to continue to be the face of anti-gassing legislation nationwide. As I have been able to do in Pennsylvania, I hope that ‘Daniel’s Law’ will spread to other states still needing to outlaw this horrible process.”



Joe, along with Doug Levison, CEO of Flower Power Creative, are co-authors of DANIEL – THE MIRACLE BEAGLE Books ( Adult, Young Readers, and e-Books). The books represent a full vision of Daniel’s story and mission, and his bond with Joe and family. Find it here on Amazon.

Joe and Daniel are aligned with the FernDog Rescue Foundation. Located in New Jersey, they are dedicated to providing better foster opportunities for dogs and adopters.