We LOVE to bring our dogs with us anywhere we can, they’re like our children, and we want to be able to take them wherever we can! But, it’s a real bummer when we have to go into a store or restaurant and can’t bring them along. Luckily, our team at Dog is Good put together a list of 11 dog-friendly shops and restaurants that you and your pooch can go to, TOGETHER!

1) The Dog Cafe in Los Angeles

America’s very first dog cafe has opened in the heart of Los Angeles, California! Looking for a new addition to the family? The Dog Cafe is the place to go! Here, you can hang out with rescue pups and enjoy a cup of coffee. The best part? ALL of the dogs at the cafe are up for adoption! You might just go in for a latte, and come out with a new best friend.

2) Barnes and Noble

Although dogs are not allowed in the in-store coffee shops, most Barnes and Noble’s allow their customers to bring their pups in with them while they look for a good book! Who knows, maybe the pup will find something they like to!

3) Saks Fifth Avenue

Pups and fashion go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that Saks is one of many department stores that welcome pups with open arms! In fact, Saks in Birmingham even held a Dogs and Denim Fall Fashion show to support Hand In Paw!

4) Panera Bread

Just like Barnes and Noble, Panera has a very pet-friendly policy! Most Panera Bread’s have open patios that you are welcome to bring your dog to, but they kindly ask that you do not bring them inside while you are ordering.

5) Home Depot

Looking for some home improvement stuff? Need your dog’s approval before you put in a new floor, carpet, or kitchen. Well, then there’s great news! Home Depot lets you bring your dog into their stores with you, as long as you keep them on a leash. Some cashiers will even have dog treats when you check out! On some rare occasions, you may even see some veterans working at Home Depot with their service dog by their side.

6) Starbucks

Although you cannot bring them into the store, and must keep them on the patio, Starbucks makes up for it with their Puppuccino! A puppuccino is a FREE (yes, FREE) expresso cup of whipped cream for your pup! You won’t find it on their traditional menu, but if you ask the barista they will happily give your pup a treat!

7) In-N-Out

Like many other restaurants, In-N-Out does not allow dogs inside their actual restaurant, but instead lets them sit on the patio while you enjoy your meal. In fact, your dog can enjoy your meal with you with In-N-Out’s “Pup Patty”. The Pup-Patty is an unsalted plain hamburger patty that’s the perfect treat for your furry friend to enjoy with you. There is also the Flying Dutchman, an item on the secret menu, containing two beef patties and two slices of cheese for the bigger pups to have!

8) Sprinkles Cupcakes

Predominantly located on the West Coast, Sprinkles Cupcakes offers special doggie cupcakes for your best friend to enjoy while you snack of one of their incredible red velvet cupcakes. Their doggie cupcakes are sugar-free and are topped with a yogurt frosting. This items is on their menu so there is no need to make a special request!

9) Dairy Queen

On a hot day, the best thing to cool off is a nice ice cream cone from Dairy Queen, and at selected locations you can enjoy it with your dog! If you ask for a “Pup Cup”, Dairy Queen might provide you with a FREE small vanilla soft-serve ice cream cup! Like other restaurants, if you choose to eat there, Dairy Queen requires you to keep your dog on their patio, but are more than happy to treat your pup like royalty with a “Pup Cup” (if available).

10) Shake Shack

Another restaurant that lets you keep your pup on the patio, except, they have their very own doggie menu! This menu consists of the “Pooch-ini” or the “Bag O’ Bones”. The “Pooch-ini’s” are their ShackBurger biscuits, along with peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard, while the Bag O’ Bones consists of a bag of five of the housemade ShackBurger biscuits. Your dog is sure to be in heaven with these treats!

11) Lazy Dog Cafe

From it’s name, it’s clear that the founders of this restaurant adore dogs. So much, that customers are encouraged to sit outside, where their dogs can receive their very own Rice Plate! This has a cut up piece of beef with a generous serving of rice. We aren’t sure how much it costs but the DIG Team is more than willing to find out!