You and your pup have more in common than loving each other unconditionally. Here at Dog is Good, we are addicted to our dogs too! We know you share much more than the bed and dinner scraps. Here’s a list of things you would would be pleasantly surprised to know you and your dog share:

1. We Get Sweaty Hands (or Paws)

black dog high five

Humans have eccrine sweat glands that are highly concentrated in our hands that kick in when we’re under stress, while dogs only have sweat glands in between their paws. Although, our hands don’t typically smell of ‘corn chips’ after a long day of exercise!

2. Dogs are Right or Left Pawed

Trying to figure out whether your dog is right or left pawed isn’t as obvious as humans because it is weakly expressed. Humans can express which hand is dominant around age two, but by the time they’re a full grown pup they have one.

3. We Both Have Fingerprints 

The fingerprints of dogs are their noses! Each dog nose is unique to them with certain ridges and bumps, and no two dog noses are exactly the same. Our fingerprints show individualism just as their noses do to them.

sleeping dog and owner

4. Dogs Dream Like People

If you didn’t know your pup dreams, they do! Smaller breeds are more likely to dream than bigger breeds, yet bigger breeds are more likely to dream longer. If you ever wonder what they dream about, research has shown that our fur babies are likely to dream about doing physical activities. Our dreams seem a little more strange, but we wish we dreamed about chasing bunnies!


5.We Have Eyes Bigger Than Our Stomachs

If you’ve ever returned from the buffet line with one too many plates, dogs can do the same! Small dogs have a stomach the size of a walnut, but typically can easily double the size of their stomachs during feeding time.

6.We SHEDfurry dog running

Dogs grow and lose hair much faster than humans but regardless, we both shed and grow hair fast! Dogs can grow up to 20 inches of fur a day, while humans can lose up to 150 strands of hair a day. Our pups shed like crazy but we wouldn’t have it any other way, dog hair don’t care!

7. We are Insecure

Have you ever wanted to crawl up in a ball and hide? Both humans and dogs have moments of weakness. Frightened dogs will put their tails in between their legs. This cuts off their scent glands that carry their individual scent. So next time you get scared or timid, remember your pup knows how you feel.

8. We Can Read Emotions

We can tell when our kiddos have to use the restroom, or when our spouses are stressed. Well, dogs can too! Dogs are the only animals that can read the emotions on your face. So next time you’re mad about a potty accident in the house, know your dog feels the disappointment that’s written all over your face!

walking multiple dogs 9. We Travel in Packs

We know women are infamous for going to the bathroom in packs, but your dog is too! Since dogs have wolf in their genetic makeup, they are more inclined to travel and participate in leisure activities with another pup by their side.

10. We are Jealous

Have you ever wondered if your dog gets jealous when you pet other dogs? Well they do! We’ve all experienced jealousy, but a study done by UCSD showed that dogs became more aggressive when their owners showed affection to another dog. Make sure to give your dog some lovin’ today to reassure them!


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