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Dogvergnügen.  It’s how great you feel when you’re with your Dog.  We always show you ours, now you show us yours!

Use the link below to submit a photo of you and your Dog in an expression of Dogvergnügen.


Kandace, Hope & Chappie

Dogs have always been a huge part of my life. My first experience with a dog was when I was about 3 and my grandparents (whom I spent a lot of time with as a [...]

Banjo & Sabrina

I met my rescue Australian Shepherd, Banjo, on St.Patrick’s Day, 2006, when he was almost 4 years old. His foster mom brought him to a conformation show where she was showing her own dogs. Even [...]

Carmel & Emily

I received Carmel from Canine Companions for Independence in November 2010. They are the largest organization that breed and train service dogs in the country and they give these amazing helpers to the graduates free [...]

Bubby & Sky

My little man Bubby is the absolute sweetest thing. I have had him since he was 6 months old, he will be 8 in June 2017,and little does he know, he saved me. Although, I [...]

Ruby Mae & Kim

Ruby Mae came into my life in April of 2015. I was asked to foster her by the shelter I volunteer at for the 2 days which turned into to of the best years of [...]

Lincoln Hawk & Lindsay

To know me, is to know Lincoln Hawk because I am defined by my proud pet parent status. Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted a dog, begging my parents and driving [...]

Lola & Samantha

This is me and Lola. As an Army wife, my husband is gone anywhere from 2-4 months during non-deployment years, and 12 months when deployed. She has been my emotional companion, my protector, and my [...]

Bentley & Lori

Bentley is a 6 year old, 226 lbs. Mastiff. He came to me through some mishandling by a local rescue that would have ultimately cost him his life had I not stepped up and claimed [...]

Newt & Maggie

Life is so stressful and chaotic. My peace comes from hiking with my Newt. He is adopted and I was surprised at what a natural trail dog he is. We get to our trail and [...]

Casey & Oliver

I have a disease called rheumatoid arthritis which causes me to be in daily pain. When I'm with my pug boys, I truly do feel better! They do everything they can to make me smile [...]

Louie & Melissa

Louie is my heart dog. I rescued him about 6 1/2 years ago. While the first few months were trying (destroyed remotes and shoes, couch eaten through the crate) he's become an amazing dog and [...]

Daisy Mae & Mandi

I rescued my sweet Daisy Mae from a bad area in July 2015. It took 45 minutes to get a leash around her neck. She was terrified. The look in her eyes was something I'll [...]